Tadelakt and mosaic

Tadelakt lime plaster interior finish + polishing STONE

Tadelakt is Tierrafino Stone, an ancient and traditional decorative plaster technique from Morocco. It is the original, natural, water-resistant Tadelakt lime from Marrakech, which is suitable for interior and exterior use. Tierrafino Stone tadelakt has a marble-like appearance and forms a strong finish after hardening. Bathrooms, kitchens and fire places can be given a luxurious and elegant look. Often Tadelakt is used in the decoration of ornaments as well. Tadelakt, freely translated, means "to rub in". The specific Tadelakt-effect is attained by polishing the lime plaster with a stone. Tadelakt is a special job for the real professional. The best Tadelakt colors natural.

Tadelakt Iquitos green other walls are clay earth render

Tierrafino STONE
The real Moroccan natural color original Tadelakt

Venetian shiny, exotic, strong, water resistant

Tadelakt bathroom turquoise
Tadelakt interior trim