Gloss clay plaster stucco Tierrafino Listro Venetian

Venetian stucco clay plastering gloss "LISTRO"

Tierrafino Listro is a shiny clay stucco for interiors walls and ceilings. The natural clays and sands are mixed with a plant-based wax, which gives it a beautiful shine. Subtle variation of shades due to the varying depth in the surface is what makes Listro appealing. Listro is often chosen to add a special touch to a home, a store, an entrance or the foyer of a theatre. Architects regularly use Listro to to bring variation in spaces where most walls have a matte surface. Venetian clay plaster stucco is made for shiny surfaces. Venetian clay plaster from Tierrafino are vapor permeabl. Venetian clay plaster is easy to repair.

Venetian shiny clay stucco plaster construction projects

Tierrafino Listro
The natural shiny clay stucco

Shiny, smooth
and subtle

Polished clay loam plaster Tierrafino Listro Venetian