Tierrafino Clay Paints


Tierrafino i-paint is is a clay paint for interior walls and ceilings. This clay paint consists mainly of clay and sand, from various mineral quarries in Europe. Out of these ingredients we produce clay paint with a fine and soft texture. Walls and ceilings painted with clay paint Tierrafino i-paint add an interesting and playful appeal to your interior.


Tierrafino T-paint is a textured clay paint for interiors. The T stands for texture. Walls and ceilings treated with T-Paint are lively and sparkle, because the colour and sparkle of the sand are clearly visible. The specially selected sands are combined with clay and fine sands to create a granular texture.


Tierrafino Dry-paint is a 100% natural dry clay paint. Suitable for walls and ceilings. Dry-paint is supplied in dry form, with water only to be added on site. The most innovative and sustainable clay paint!


Tierrafino Concrete-Look is an all natural paint and plaster for a beautiful finish with a modern look. For interior walls and ceilings. Very easy to apply. Sleek, rough or with wax, the possibilities are endless.