Clay Plaster "contact" Primer Glue Tierrafino

Tierrafino "contact" is an adhesive primer for clay plaster and other plasters on smooth and / or highly absorbent surfaces in the interior. Composition: Tree resin binder, calcium carbonate, titanium oxide, water, additives, preservative. Packaging: 5 l & 10 l bucket. Available as "contact" for clay- and lime plaster and or "contact fine" for ipaint, DryPaint, BetonLook and Listro. Consumption: Approx. 0.25 l / m2 per layer on surfaces. Consumption is higher on coarse surfaces. At "contact fine" the consumption is Ca. 0.1 l / m2 per layer. • Ready for use in the packaging • Easy to use with a brush or roller • Before and after processing white in color • Contains no solvent • shelf life 5 years