wall finishing with clay loam earth plaster

Earth plaster Duro mud adobe loam finish colours

Earth plaster Tierrafino Duro is a fine earth plaster and color combined in one product, suitable for interior use. Duro distinguishes itself from other Tierrafino products by its thinner and harder finish. It can be applied easily and fast. Tierrafino Duro earth plaster has all the beneficial properties of clay. Duro adds a subtle sparkling effect to walls and gives your interior a fresh look. Duro is an excellent solution for offices and other working spaces: it creates a comfortable yet businesslike atmosphere. Duro earth plaster is also called mud finish, mud plaster, adobe plaster, loam plaster, adobe finish or clay plaster. The use of earth plaster is inside the house or under a rain protecting roof outside possible.

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Tierrafino Duro
Fine earth plaster and color in one

Enriches and enhances your interior

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